Get more information on how the new Professional Services Grant Program works.
Any local Cochrane business that qualifies for support programs is eligible!
Simple - a business license and a receipt for professional services are all you need to get started.


Working together we can get your business back on track!

In an effort to ensure Cochrane-based businesses are effectively accessing Provincial and National COVID-19 funding programs, the Cochrane Economic Recovery Task Force has initiated a program to support businesses in gaining access to professional service providers.

Along with a partnership with the Cochrane & District Chamber of Commerce, these funds will be made available to local Cochrane businesses beginning March 9th, 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant and damaging effect on our community, especially on our valued Cochrane businesses. We want to help ensure you can get the support you need in these unprecedented times!

How does it work?

We have made the program as simple as possible, removing unnecessary barriers to ensure you can access funds available to help.


Enlist Professional Support

Choose a local service provider that can assist you and your business to access, understand and navigate the support programs available.



Work with your professional service provider to apply for any federal or provincial support programs, such as CEWS, CEBA, CERS, CRB, SMERG, etc.



Submit your Grant Application using the easy-to-navigate, secure online form on this site, along with a copy of an invoice and your Cochrane Business License number.



Your secure application will be reviewed upon submission and the funds will be sent directly to your professional service provider!

What types of professionals can you hire?

We always encourage doing business locally.

The COVID-19 Professional Services Grant Program is designed to help you and your business cover the costs incurred by enlisting the services of licensed bookkeepers, lawyers, or accountants with knowledge and experience with government support programs.

If the professional you work with is assisting you with understanding support program details, collecting required information, or the preparation and completing of the documentation in accordance with program guidelines required to submit, then you are able to apply for this grant. The professional must be licensed to conduct business within the Town of Cochrane.





Who can apply?

Let’s remove the red tape!

If you're in business and you qualify for support programs - you are eligible!

Local Cochrane businesses need help.

The qualifications are simple. You must be a local, registered business with an active Town of Cochrane Business license. Yup, that’s it.

This program is not exclusive to Chamber Members.

Ready to get started?

What are the Requirements?

The ins and outs of the program in detail…

Let's work to rebuild our business community together!

Locals helping locals.

The Program

The intent of this program is to support businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19 that qualify for or have received financial support in maximizing their benefit from provincial or federal programs. The program would be managed by the Cochrane & District Chamber of Commerce. All necessary procedures would be in place for accountability to the Town of Cochrane for all funds provided. The program would be in place until the allotted funds provided to the program are allocated. The funds provided by the program will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Application Process

Businesses would apply through the official Covid-19 Professional Services Grant Program website to access the funds. An application would allocate up to a maximum of $500.00 towards third-party professional services. The primary focus would be licensed bookkeepers and accountants with knowledge/experience with government support programs such as CEWS, CEBA, CERS, CRB, SMERG, and others to assist them to understand program details, collect required information, and preparing or completing the documentation in accordance with program guidelines required to submit.



A business within the Town of Cochrane corporate limits that has a current business license to operate within Cochrane. The program is intended for businesses that have suffered revenue decreases as a result of COVID-19. The program launch date is officially March 9, 2021. Any expenses that will be eligible will have to have been incurred from this date going forward. Professional services can be provided by any licensed professional, i.e., professional accountant or law firm. Service providers are required to be local businesses that are licensed to conduct business in the Town of Cochrane. This program is not exclusive to Chamber members. In order to receive financial support, at least one program must be applied for.


Payment of Services

Payment of services will be made directly to the third-party professional service by the Cochrane & District Chamber of Commerce upon receipt of a bill from the third-party professional service. Billing must include detailed information on what programs were applied for and when.


We are always here to help!

Reach out to Kelly Carson, Executive Director with the Cochrane & District Chamber of Commerce at (403) 932-0320 or by e-mail to